Malmö is easy to get to from any Nordic country, especially with Scandinavia's hub airport, Copenhagen Airport, just a short train ride away.

From Denmark: Malmö is just a short trainride from Copenhagen, across the Øresund Bridge.

From Norway: It's easiest to fly to Copenhagen and then take the train to Malmö directly from the airport. Alternatively, you can take the bus or the train from Oslo to Malmö.

From Finland: There is a surprising number of flights per day operated by at least three airlines (Finnair, SAS and Norwegian) with direct routes from many different Finnish cities to Copenhagen Airport. From there you can just hop on the train to Malmö.

From Sweden: Take the train or catch a flight with SAS or Malmö Aviation/Kullaflyg to Malmö. You can also fly to Copenhagen with SAS or Norwegian, in order to take the train across the Øresund Bridge.

PLEASE NOTE! If you take the train from Copenhagen, Copenhagen Airport or anywhere else in Denmark, don't forget picture identification, as there are two ID checks on your way: one on each side of the Øresund.