Scandinavian Language Associations' Meeting (SLAM!)

SLAM! 2018,15 September, Sankt Gertrud Konferens, Malmö, Sweden

In Pursuit of Excellence in the Language Industry

SLAM! is returning to Malmö for another round of high-level conference sessions. Internationally acclaimed speakers from around the world will fill the historic halls of Sankt Gertrud with tales of industry best practices in specialised fields of the language industry. We look forward to seeing you in Malmö on 15 September!

Practical information

Bus departure time from Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmö to Arbejdermuseet, Copenhagen: 17:00, 14 September
Bus departure time
from Arbejdermuseet, Copenhagen to Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmö: 22:00, 14 September
Secure luggage storage
will be available during the Welcome Reception

Radisson Blu Hotel: Östergatan 10, 211 25 Malmö
Arbejdermuseet: Rømersgade 22, 1362 Copenhagen
Sankt Gertrud Konferens: Östergatan 9B, 211 25 Malmö
Malmö Börshus: Skeppsbron 2, 211 20 Malmö